PopOver started from a simple idea — there needs to be a better way to connect college students with people in their community looking for assistance. Whether it be dog walks, moving, plant care or something else, there are always college students willing to help.


During his senior year at the University of Puget Sound, Chris began developing the foundations for what would eventually become PopOver. He started reaching out to local community members for feedback. Over the course of the last year, Chris has been developing a mobile application for PopOver to connect students in need of short gig work with their neighbors seeking help.

Today, PopOver is a business centered around providing essential services to essential workers during COVID-19. While our essential workers changing lives out in the field, we're helping manage theirs at home.




Chris graduated from the University of Puget Sound in May 2019. He enjoys spending his time playing ultimate frisbee and building computer programs. If he's not up in the air catching a disc, he's working on his latest project or business idea. Currently, he's designing a mobile application for PopOver to help clients more easily request services!


Chief Pet Officer

Courtney is an experienced pet care provider with a passion for animals. She recently got her pet First Aid/CPR certification and has extensive experience taking care of special needs & senior dogs. There isn't an animal that can't make Courtney smile!

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